Our founder, Gil Bensemoun

has over 16 years of experience in both offset and digital printing owning his own Magentacolor in Paris, France.  We are always keeping up with the new technology by always improving our methods thanks to state of the art machines like the HP Indigo or the Jet Varnish.

High Quality Printing and Fast turnaround time service

Our design team operates over the whole graphic process, from the first draft to the final print. We work from dusk til’ dawn to fulfill our orders, and we can honestly say that we’ve received from the most classic orders to the most surprising requests.

Magenta Color in Paris

works closely with nightclubs, art galleries and local hotspots such as Le Nuba, Le Carmen, Le Baron, La mano and many more. You name it, we probably worked with them. So now it’s your turn!

Come over to visit the Frenchies, and check out their standout quality in our Arts District Atelier…